Real Estate Investment Properties in Frederick, Maryland

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Frederick, Maryland:

Wholesale Properties:

We offer a variety of wholesale properties in the Frederick, Maryland area and in other surrounding towns and cities.  We maintain a Buyer’s List that allows us to contact you quickly when we have new wholesale properties available that fit your desired criteria.

Private Mortgage Notes:

Notable Capital Ventures, LLC offers private mortgage notes in Maryland.  Sometimes, situations arise where the seller and the buyer choose to create a private mortgage between both parties, and Notable Capital Ventures, LLC can help the parties involved navigate the process.

Investment Properties:

Notable Capital Ventures, LLC specializes in investment properties in Frederick, Maryland and other local areas.  We are always in search of investors that would like to partner with us, and have available properties in a variety of conditions, locations and prices.  Contact us today for more information.

Tax Lien Assistance:

Contact Notable Capital Ventures today to learn more about how we can assist you with tax liens in Frederick, Maryland and Surrounding areas.